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Sequence-specific binding of arc repressor to DNA. Effects of operator mutations and modifications.;Vershon AK, Kelley RD, Sauer RT;The Journal of biological chemistry 1989 Feb 25; 264(6):3267-73 [2914951]
Arc [A8CG91, view regulon]
Reported TF sp.
Enterobacteria phage P22
Reported site sp.
Enterobacteria phage P22
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Erill Lab
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Experimental Process

EMSAs and dimethyl sulfate protection experiments with purified Arc and arc operator are used in conjunction with extensive site-directed mutagenesis of the arc operator in order to demonstrate that the TAGA/TCTA dyad is the most essential component of the dyad-spacer motif.

Transcription Factor Binding Sites


Gene Regulation

Regulated genes for each binding site are displayed below. Gene regulation diagrams show binding sites, positively-regulated genes, negatively-regulated genes, both positively and negatively regulated genes, genes with unspecified type of regulation. For each indvidual site, experimental techniques used to determine the site are also given.

Site sequence Regulated genes Gene diagram Experimental techniques TF function TF type
... ... mnt orf59a ant arc
Experimental technique details EMSA (ECO:0001807) - Experimental technique details Premethylation interference footprinting (ECO:0005656) - Experimental technique details Site directed mutagenesis (ECO:0005667) - repressor tetramer